UI Designer


  • Design and implementation of Web and App iOS / Android interfaces.
  • Ability to analyze and design for web applications.
  • Be creative in designing innovative and unprecedented apps.

Main Powers:

  • Know the iOS Design Guidelines and Material Design.
  • Good UX knowledge and ability to integrate them into IU development.
  • Knowledge of the latest trends in design and usability.
  • Knowledge of usability paradigms, creative use of paradigms to optimize navigation paths and enjoyment of user dialogs.
  • Good communication and management skills within the teamwork.
  • Willing to find intelligent solutions to any problems and needs.
  • Attitude to study and acquire new skills.
  • Seriousness, good relational skills and sense of responsibility

Power Up:

  • Sketch / Adobe XD.
  • Invision.
  • Knowledge of English (written and spoken).

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