Xamarin Developer


  • Code writing with ethics: readability, ordering, documentation, compliance with standards.
  • Autonomous management of assigned projects.
  • Using the AGILE methodology.

Main Powers:

  • Advanced knowledge of C# and the .Net Xamarin framework.
  • Using OOP with Design Patterns and SOLID.
  • Good knowledge of API REST and relative best practices (HAL).
  • Discrete knowledge of SqLite.Net database.
  • Good experience with unit testing and integration.
  • Using GIT.
  • General knowledge of html + css, javascript.
  • Good communication and management skills within the work team.
  • Willing to find intelligent solutions to any problems and needs.
  • Attitude to study and acquire new skills.
  • Seriousness, good relational skills and sense of responsibility

Power Up:

  • Knowledge of Android/Kotlin and iOS/Swift.
  • Good knowledge of the TDD approach.
  • Experience with CI (AppCenter, etc).
  • BDD knowledge and acceptance testing.
  • Knowledge of Firebase.
  • Knowledge of English (written and spoken).

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