[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]The Floating Piers, the latest effort of inernational artist Christo, it’s over.

Landart’s genius chose Italy and in particular Iseo Lake as main character of his latest challenge.
It is a system of floating piers, for a total lenght of 3Km. Through it, he gave everybody the opportunity to live the breathtaking experience of walking on water, discovering fascinating and and unknown points of view of the lake and the landscape around it.

A unique opportunity which maybe not everyone had the chance to experience: as tradition, in fact, it didn’t last long. So if you are not among those lucky or fearless ones who will walk on the pier, don’t worry! Thanks to the new App by EGGON, you will be able to take part of this incredible masterpiece and bring with you a lasting memory of this experience.

The Floating Piers Experience is the latest EGGON’s challenge, born from Gianpaolo Ferrarin’s brilliance, Fulvio Menegozzo’s creativity and developed by their team. It gives the chance, to those users who couldn’t t visit the bridge, to live the experience from Christo’s mind anytime, anywhere.
Users will only have to take a selfie and paste their picture on Christo’s bridge background, a simple and and intuitive way to tell everybody “I WAS THERE!”.

Eggon’s superheroes weren’t satisfied enough, so they decided to improve their “The Floating Piers Experience” app with more features, for users’ benefit. In this app you can keep informed with live news about this installation on Iseo lake and a live streaming of the whole area.

If you want your friends to know you can walk on water even without any superpower, the solution is at your fingertips.

How it works:

  • download the app TFPE
  • take a selfie
  • outline the picture with your finger
  • paste the picture on a background tamplate you will find in the app
  • share your selfie in the section “Selfie Experience”

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